NYU: Patterns of Entrepreneurship Students: Readings

Be sure to read:

About the challenges of “organizations’

Is your organization flourishing or withering?

Is Authenticity the key to being “Meaningfully Different”?

About the role & opportunities of Social Media

7 Tips for Rendering Authenticity Through Social Media

Jews and Social Media: Aligned values reinforce an Authentic strategy

Supermodels on Twitter: Five Ways to Rock the Twitter Runway

Is Twitter is Really Changing Comcast’s Culture?: 7 Signs to Look For

Helpful to read:

When Will “Social Business” Become Social Change Business

Should Non-Profits Buy $800 Chairs?

B Corporation Identity: An Opportunity for Organizational Authenticity

3 Reasons Why Employee Engagement is a Scam

Honey is really bee vomit: Why we should label “NonProfit” Organizations “For-Purpose” Organizations

Food for thought, maybe relevant to your personal interests:

An MBA’s loss on 9/11: A Tale of Two Responses

Only A Cosmetic Apology? MAC’s Juarez Controversy & Fauxial Awareness

Retail Environments

Can Starbucks Touch Your Soul?

That Special Starbucks: Does the place help the people be authentic?


3 Things the New York Jets Can Teach You About Authenticity

Designing for Authenticity: More on the NY Jets

Personal Branding

Don’t Let Personal Branding Stifle your Authentic Voice

Authentic Twitter: Are exclamation points unprofessional?

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