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A Surprising Reason Why Website Logins Matter

June 6, 2011

Tweet Why do we really need to log in to websites we use all the time? Why do those logins really matter, to us personally? Logins matter for three reasons– two that are predictable, and one that’s rather surprising. 1. Website logins improve the targeting of the site itself, in ways that benefit the organization. […]

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Use Extreme Leverage 2.0 to Change The Social World

March 11, 2011

Tweet Traditionally, extreme leverage is something organizations worked hard to avoid.   Now, in the social media landscape,  “Extreme Leverage 2.0” is something that evey organization should embrace. Why? Because Extreme Leverage 2.0 allows a few people, in relatively small businesses, to change the world for their stakeholders. Understanding Extreme Leverage 2.0 In the world of corporate […]

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Because Women Have “Ideas Worth Spreading” : TED2011 Action Steps

February 27, 2011

Tweet The 2011 TED conference begins Tuesday in Long Beach CA. Of the 55 folks who will present “Ideas worth Spreading”, 15 of these speakers will be women. That’s a whopping 27%… no improvement over previous years, and nowhere near gender parity. To celebrate the 15 Women who will take the TED stage, and to […]

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CSR that Improves the World But Leaves Your Damaging Business Model Intact: Authentic or not?

February 9, 2011

Tweet How can your organization claim to be making the world better, when your business model depends on making the world worse? This question about corporate social responsibility efforts has bugged me for decades — pretty much since I learned what capitalism was. The question came up again for me Tuesday during the conversation at […]

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The (Feminist) Business Bloggers’ Lament

January 26, 2010

Tweet In the past several weeks I’ve been working with two different groups of businesswomen, developing social-media based movements to advance social change in and around the workplace. Conversations with these women have been intellectually challenging, inspiring and empowering. And they have also been oddly confessional, about a problem that — in my opinion — […]

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Networks and The Myth of Flattening Organizations

January 14, 2010

Tweet I was excited to hear from a few social media/Enterprise 2.0 advocates after my post last week asking When will social business become social change business? Special thanks to Jon Husband of Wirearchy, who not only confirmed that he has a revolutionary agenda behind his networked models of organizing but who also sent me […]

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When Will “Social Business” Become Social Change Business?

January 7, 2010

Tweet Why aren’t we be re-creating the worlds of work and commerce, as we implement and develop the social media tools that make it easier to work- together? Just a quick rant here, triggered by and not quite in response to Rachel Happe‘s post on The Social Organization & Womenomics. In her post, Rachel wonders […]

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