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Generativity, in General

March 28, 2014

Tweet The word ‘generative’ may be unfamiliar to many business people, but the quality of generativity is something we’ve sought in our companies and our work practices for a long time.   Something is generative when it’s able to create something new, something original, or something alive. A generative idea produces new ideas, a generative process […]

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Boost Practice: Offer To Eat Their Dogfood

August 29, 2013

Tweet Just this week I’ve started a conscious experiment with a really easy boost practice:  “Eating Their Dogfood”.   Normally, I just go ahead and stick my nose into other people’s businesses.  But this time, I’m being more deliberate. I’ve asked my students to use a social collaboration tool that’s in beta, and I’ve been […]

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Why Zipcar Is Not the “Sharing Economy”

January 9, 2013

Zipcar isn’t a sharing business, so it can’t create the sharing economy. Who can? Businesses that support customer-to-customer relationships and reciprocal caring.

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