Master of Business Administration

My Nose, Other People’s Business

September 1, 2011

Tweet [(As I prepare for teaching the first class of the Business Technology Consulting Practicum, I’ve been reflecting on how to encourage the students to identify the unique gifts that they have and to consider how they’ll bring these gifts to the teams and the projects they choose this year.  It’s only fair, I think, for me to pony […]

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Response to 9/11 Tragedy Revealed Business Schools’ Values

September 11, 2009

Tweet You will read many stories today recounting the heroism and the losses experienced eight years ago. We know now how many individuals and organizations rose up to help victims of the WTC & Pentagon attacks, and how individually and collectively  our responses to the 9/11 tragedy revealed important goodness deep within us. Every year […]

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5 Blogs Every MBA Student Should Be Reading

September 8, 2009

Tweet Every MBA student is pressed for time. Balancing demanding priorities, like classes, learning teams, job hunting, and family, while also getting some sleep, leaves little time for cruising the web looking for insightful posts. Lucky for you all, I can recommend 5 terrific blogs that can help you link what you’re learning in your […]

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The Daily Show’s John Oliver investigates the MBA Ethics Oath

August 18, 2009

Tweet If’ you’re behind on your TIVO after a busy weekend recovering from the AOM, here’s a tidbit of modern business culture, care of The Daily Show. It’s a bit vlugar, but no more so than the ethics violations we’ve seen just this year…. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / […]

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115 Million Cups of Comfort: Kozy Shack Pudding

January 11, 2008

Tweet Have you ever been asked, as part of a personal visioning exercise, to write your own obituary? To all of those MBA students and executives who had to do just that in my leadership classes, I officially apologize. While I understand the merits of imagining what your life could have been like as a […]

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