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Why We Should Be Using Feminism At Work

May 20, 2015

Tweet I wrote this explanation of Feminism at Work back in Feb of 2013.  In advance of our panel at In Good Company on June 1, I’m reposting it as pre-reading for folks who’ll be attending. Want to join us? Sign up here: Everyday Leadership for Women Entrepreneurs It’s time to use the f-word at work. […]

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Why Computer Barbie is an Evil Role Model for Women in Tech

June 14, 2012

Tweet Computer Engineer Barbie has always seemed profoundly wrong.  Not only is she a weird brand extension to begin with– pushing the envelope of what Mattel thinks is sexy —  but  I’ve always wondered how she could even see the keyboard of her laptop, given the overhang of her boobs.    But I digress. Now researchers have helped to […]

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