Hacking the Code of Misogynist Media: #HackItBack

March 9, 2014

Tweet I love it when worlds elide, and you find yourself in a space that contains your hopes and dreams. I had a little bit of that yesterday, when I got to participate in the #HackItBack event — the brainchild of artist/advocate Patricia Zablah— at the LowerEastSide Girls Club. #HackItBack Patricia and her team created #HackItBack, a workshop […]

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Why Marissa Mayer Should Embrace Feminism — Your Ideas Wanted

July 17, 2012

Tweet Sheez. Just when we’re celebrating that another woman has become CEO of a major corporation– and a tech one at that — we discover that she doesn’t think of herself as a feminist. That means, something’s wrong. Let’s see what we can do to help Marissa Mayer understand what feminism is, why she might […]

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Business From a Feminist Perspective

May 4, 2012

Tweet Here’s a representative (though not exhaustive) list of posts here on Authentic Organizations that address business from a feminist perspective.  ** The (Feminist) Business Bloggers’ Lament ** A Quiet Thank You to our Transgender Colleagues Recognizing Women On The Far Side of Complexity (re: women are more than white)  Technology-Related Why Women DON’T Rule the Internet […]

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Recognizing Women On The Far Side of Complexity

April 6, 2011

Tweet I’m getting a bit weary of talking about “women” and having some people assume that I’m only talking about “women”.  These aren’t the same. Recognize that when I use the term “women”, I am consciously talking about “women” on the far side of complexity. The Far Side of Complexity The “far side of complexity” […]

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She Should Talk At TED Twitter Campaign: F.A.Q.

March 6, 2011

Tweet The @SheTalksTED Twitter account has been busy this week, nominating over 350 influential women (and counting!) as possible speakers for future TED conferences. In addition to lots of suggestions, and support, we’ve also gotten some questions about the @SheTalksTED campaign. We hope that our answers, below, fill in the blanks. Please tweet us or […]

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For Diversity & Inclusion, Don’t Treat All Differences The Same

November 5, 2010

Tweet I’m troubled by a trend in the conversation about ‘diversity and inclusion’ in organizations. Some Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) consultants and conversations are beginning to treat all forms of difference as equally important. For example, differences in the gender, orientation, physical ability, or ethnicity of organization members are presented along with differences in cognitive […]

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Pattern Recognition: How to spot female digital entrepreneurs

November 2, 2010

Tweet Smarts. Fire. Audacity. Technical chops. Focus. Strong network. Innovative product ideas. That’s what venture capitalists look for when they are selecting which entrepreneurs to support and which businesses to fund. Unfortunately, VCs tend to see these characteristics most often when the entrepreneurs themselves are “white, male, under 30, nerds, with no social life who […]

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If Women Had Designed Facebook

September 30, 2010

Tweet If women had designed Facebook, maybe it wouldn’t feel … So cold. So rectangular. So static. So emotion-less. So linear. So blue. So hierarchical. So rigid. So ego-centric. So boring. If women had designed Facebook, maybe it would be: Warmer. More welcoming. Flexible. Expressive. Inclusive. Emotional. Aesthetically inviting. Personalizable. Collaborative. Dynamic. Intimate. Engaging. Flow-y. […]

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BlogHer’s Bright, Shiny Secret

August 3, 2010

Tweet Many conferences have a quiet, dark secret. The folks attending share some longing yet to be fulfilled, some disappointments buried deep, some ideas that will never become actions. Many professional conferences (like the one I’m skipping this weekend) are marked by a faint whisper of “you’re not good enough” to be here, giving a […]

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Heaping Scorn & Criticism on Feminist Advocates at Newsweek

March 24, 2010

Tweet This week’s story about feminists at Newsweek who have publicly challenged that magazine for failing to make progress against gender discrimination encouraged me, as I’m sure it encouraged many others. To see someone, anyone, make a prominent critique of a prominent organization, and then to have that organization make this criticism public, should have […]

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