Boost Economy

Generativity, in General

March 28, 2014

Tweet The word ‘generative’ may be unfamiliar to many business people, but the quality of generativity is something we’ve sought in our companies and our work practices for a long time.   Something is generative when it’s able to create something new, something original, or something alive. A generative idea produces new ideas, a generative process […]

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My TEDxHoboken Talk: The Boost Revolution

October 22, 2013

Tweet It is a truth universally acknowledged: … that watching yourself on a grainy video talking about the ideas closest to your heart is rather mortifying.  So, with a little cringing, I’m excited to be able to share the video of my TEDxHoboken talk, The Boost Revolution: Expanding Possibilities for Business. It took some time […]

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How One Little App Creates A Boost Economy

April 13, 2013

Tweet If you’re ever lost your mind worrying that the 3-mile back up at the Lincoln Tunnel was going to make you miss dinner,  you’ll appreciate the unique value of the traffic app Waze. Waze provides drivers with local maps of accurate, real-time traffic information. The information doesn’t come from a traffic helicopter or from […]

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How To Choose Business Partners for a Boost Economy

February 5, 2013

Tweet A friend told me once that we should only share our love with people who can benefit from it. My friend argued that even though we might want to ‘love’ everyone, in reality we can’t. So, she said, we should be choosy about whom we love. For a long time I thought that advice […]

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Defining Thick Value in a Boost Economy

November 20, 2012

Thick value has many simultaneous kinds of positive meaning, that are stacked, nested, embedded, and fused with each other into layers that are weighty with significance. Thick value has more meaning and conveys more about why it’s valuable. When we pay attention to thick value, we make choices that help us maximize more than financial profit or system efficiency.

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5 Ways to Expand How We Think About Value in a Boost Economy

November 14, 2012

Tweet It can be hard to convince certain “business” people that it actually makes sense to conduct their business in a generous, boosty way that creates opportunity for others. The mainstream business conversation has remained so wedded to the notion that ‘price’ accurately captures ‘value’, and to the belief that financial goals trump other kinds […]

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Only Partner With Businesses Who Have the Love And Will Share It

October 25, 2012

Tweet I was meeting with a Silicon Alley entrepreneur, talking with him about options for extending his company’s reach by partnering with other businesses that target his same audience. He’d had a short-term partnership with Company A but the results had been lackluster. The entrepreneur had come away from the experience disappointed, and was about […]

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Unique Layers of Value: Love With Food’s Boost Economy

September 25, 2012

Tweet Every boost economy has layers of value networks– networks through which different kinds of value flow. When you imagine these nets of value stacked one on top of the other, connecting all the participants in the network on multiple dimensions, you see why we call it “thick value“. While there’s no need to identity […]

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Boost Economies Don’t Unleash Potential — They Channel It

September 19, 2012

Tweet Conversations with Traci Fenton of WorldBlu and Paul Carlile at Boston University have me thinking about the link between the Boost economy and human potential. When Traci describes the value of organizational democracy, she explains that it unleashes human potential and helps to change the world. When Paul describes decision-making processes designed to facilitate […]

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Justin Bieber and The Boost Economy. Really.

September 5, 2012

Tweet Even pop stars are creating their own Boost economies. Yes, Justin Bieber is a pioneer of the New Economy.  According to this profile of Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, by the New Yorker’s Lizzie Widdecombe, there’s a whole Boost Economy built around the floppy-haired teen idol. The Bieber-Braun business network is a great demonstration of Boost […]

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