Benefits of Authenticity

Why Should Organizations be Authentic? The Competing Logics of Trust & Uniqueness

June 1, 2011

Tweet Everyone agrees: It’s a good thing for organizations to be authentic. Where folks disagree, though, is why organizations should be authentic. Deep down, we know that authenticity is valuable. But when we try to talk about “why our organization should be more authentic” and convince others to pursue authenticity, our conversations can get pretty […]

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6 Reasons Why Taking Responsibility is Good for Your Organization

October 22, 2008

Tweet In my previous post, Can Taking Responsibility for the Financial Crisis Be Good For You ?,  I argue that taking responsibility is the one thing that you and your organization can do , right now, to improve your organization’s financial future. When an organization takes responsibility, it shifts how it sees itself. It moves […]

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5 Reasons Why Being Authentic Can Be Bad For Your Organization

March 5, 2008

Tweet Being authentic requires constant vigilance. Authentic organizations need constantly to monitor the relationship between their identity, their image, and their actions. Ideally, the organization wants to catch (and fix) any misalignments before others notice, because these misalignments can easily be interpreted as signs that the organization isn’t authentic or isn’t intending to remain authentic. […]

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