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5 Tips About Realigning Organizations I Learned by Falling Off A Horse

September 20, 2010

Tweet (No, it was not “Get right back on.” Everybody knows that.) Sustaining organizational authenticity requires continually realigning organizational identity, purpose and action. But realigning can be harder to do than you’d think. I learned recently, after falling off a horse, that getting back into action was only the start of a longer, harder realignment […]

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$819 Billion to show us that transparency is not enough

February 12, 2009

Tweet Earlier today I was mulling over a post by Rachel Happe at The Social Organization, arguing for more transparency about organizational budgets and compensation plans. Rachel asserts that “accounting is really an exercise about setting our priorities and ensuring that we are acting on and accounting for those priorities. ” Thus, Rachel recommends that […]

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Authentic Organizations Turn Green from The Inside Out

February 4, 2009

Tweet How does an Authentic Organization create green products? In her advice to organizations that want to reposition their corporate brands as “eco-friendly”, Susan Gunelius of Corporate Eye argues that organizations need to start being green before they claim to be green. As Gunelius explains: Your customers aren’t going to believe messages claiming your (corporate) […]

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Reputation, Beyond Authenticity

February 1, 2009

Tweet We’re delighted to feature a guest post from Mignon van Halderen, an expert on Organizational Reputation Management. Mignon is Assistant Professor at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University. At RSM, Mignon works in the Corporate Communication Centre where she combines teaching and applied research projects within the fields of Reputation Management and […]

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What if … Executive Compensation was based on Sustaining Organizational Authenticity?

January 3, 2009

Tweet I’m a big fan of linking compensation to business outcomes … as long as the amount of compensation isn’t vulgar and the right kinds of outcomes are part of the formula. So I was intrigued by a recent article about Ethics and Executive Compensation . Ed Konczal , writing about  over at Corporate Eye […]

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Can a for-profit business organization that also pursues a social purpose be authentic?

April 24, 2008

Tweet There are so many examples of for-profit organizations whose for-purpose actions are suspect that it’s a little scary to bring up the subject. Where do we even begin? We should probably start by acknowledging that the questionable relationship between a ‘for-profit’ organizational identity and ‘for-purpose’ actions (aka: non-profit, socially responsible, charitable, philanthropic, etc.) is […]

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3 Questions for a “Quick and Dirty” Assessment of Your Organization’s Authenticity

April 12, 2008

Tweet An authentic organization, very simply, is an organization whose identity, image and actions are congruent with each other. Identity is reflected in image and actions, Image accurately describes identity and actions, and actions express identity and image. How can you know whether and how your organization is authentic? It takes a deep inquiry and […]

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Honey is really bee vomit: Why we should label “NonProfit” Organizations “For-Purpose” Organizations

March 28, 2008

Tweet “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” Would this advice make any sense if, instead, it was: “You catch more flies with bee vomit than vinegar”? Heck no. That’s why it makes a difference when organizations have positive, attractive, and descriptive names. Names matter Names convey identity. They can be crafted to emphasize […]

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