5 Ways That Systems of Engagement Bring Out Our Full Social Selves

June 22, 2011

Tweet Technology has a way of sucking the humanity right out of us. Consider how we describe, design and deploy ‘enterprise 2.0’ and work system technologies in our organizations: — When we talk about technology systems, we talk about machines, platforms, inputs and outputs.  We forget about values, emotion, flourishing, meaning and purpose. — When […]

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Does Your Social Media Policy Create a Platform for Racism?

May 17, 2011

Tweet I bet you don’t think it does. I bet you think that your social media policy, and your ‘create a blog for our business using other people’s user-generated content’- approach, is impervious to racism masked as business advice, as research findings, or as interesting content. I bet that’s exactly what PsychologyToday.com thought, too. They’ve […]

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Their Need or Your Ability: Why does your organization exist?

March 31, 2011

Tweet Why does your organization exist? Was it created to meet the needs of some (external) community, constituency, or market segment? Or, Was it created to employ, utilize and engage your collective abilities? Did your organization emerge because of “who you could be together” or because of what someone else needed some organization to be? […]

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Because Women Have “Ideas Worth Spreading” : TED2011 Action Steps

February 27, 2011

Tweet The 2011 TED conference begins Tuesday in Long Beach CA. Of the 55 folks who will present “Ideas worth Spreading”, 15 of these speakers will be women. That’s a whopping 27%… no improvement over previous years, and nowhere near gender parity. To celebrate the 15 Women who will take the TED stage, and to […]

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Be My Tweet-Heart? Punny Valentine’s Hearts for Social Media Fans

February 13, 2011

Tweet Some Valentine’s Day fun… . Tweet these to your special online someones!

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Organizational Icons as Symbols of Organizational Identity: Research paper

January 11, 2011

Tweet I was sending this paper off to some colleagues who are studying the role of symbols and organizational flourishing, and thought I’d post it here for the more academic readers…. just for fun. Making Use of Organizational Identity: Icons as symbolic identity proxies Abstract Organizational identities serve important functions for an organization’s members as […]

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SHE Should Talk At TED: 5 Ways to Get Started

December 7, 2010

Tweet Thanks so much to you readers who got in touch with me to share your ideas about a diversity & inclusion action plan for TED. I had the chance to fold some of these ideas into a live conversation with two of my favorite NYC feminists, Dr. Debra Condren and Gloria Feldt, and together […]

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What is an Authentic Organization?: An elevator speech

November 17, 2010

Tweet Last week I went to a program sponsored by the NYC chapter of GirlsInTech and directed towards (women) tech entrepreneurs and (potential) venture capital professionals. After the program, I had great conversation with some of the entrepreneurs about their ‘pitches’ — the 5 sentence elevator speeches that they give to convey the core idea […]

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For Diversity & Inclusion, Don’t Treat All Differences The Same

November 5, 2010

Tweet I’m troubled by a trend in the conversation about ‘diversity and inclusion’ in organizations. Some Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) consultants and conversations are beginning to treat all forms of difference as equally important. For example, differences in the gender, orientation, physical ability, or ethnicity of organization members are presented along with differences in cognitive […]

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Is your organization flourishing or withering?

September 22, 2010

Tweet Organizations are organic things — they are born, they die, they suffer and they thrive. But very few organizations flourish. Organizations that flourish are rare creatures. We find them where business goals are tied to larger purpose, where larger purpose is linked to community needs, and where individuals’ authentic selves are nourished by and […]

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