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Two Tweaks for Generative Seminar Practices: Notes from Harvard Business School Digital Initiative

November 19, 2014

Tweet Two weeks ago I traveled up to Cambridge to talk about Generative Business Practices with the folks of Harvard Business School’s Digital Initiative. So much happened, and so many ideas were shared, that I can’t summarize them in one blog post — not even a super-long one. Instead, I’m going to take pieces at […]

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The Simple Hack Every Tech Firm Should Be Using To Increase Diversity

April 11, 2014

Tweet Given the focus on data, metrics, and a/b testing that’s all the rage in tech startups these days, you’d think that more tech companies would be using empirical research on hiring practices and diversity initiatives to fix their ‘women, and men of color problem’. But they aren’t, so here’s an easy diversity hack — […]

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“Add Women and Stir” Won’t Keep Women In Tech

May 16, 2012

Tweet How do we get and keep more women in technology-related careers? How do we increase the number of women creators, makers, designers, and coders? Why not just add more women to the mix, and go from there?  When all we do is “add women and stir”, without simultaneously and deliberately changing that system, we aren’t going to […]

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What Level of Social Business Change Do You Really Want?

March 29, 2012

Tweet What level of change do you really want from social business? Do you want a little bit, or a whole lot? Do you want process improvement? Or, Do you want organizational transformation? Social technology means organizational change. Social Business and social technologies are indeed bringing changes into your organization. That we know. But what […]

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Help Me Find Consulting Projects for my Business & Technology Students!

August 15, 2011

Tweet I am so excited about the class I’m teaching this fall that I’m breaking down the Chinese wall between serious topical blog posts and the practical fun of my work life, to post this Call for Projects for my students. I’m hoping that some of you readers in the New York/ New Jersey/Hoboken area […]

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Social Organizations and IT Leadership: Resources

April 14, 2011

Tweet For students at my class on “Social Organizations, Systems of Engagement and the IT Leadership Challenge”, here are the resources for the charts and some key ideas. I also added links to some interesting posts that can flesh out some of the ideas we discussed in class. As always, you can email me with […]

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