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Talks Worth Listening To: 5 Reasons Why Every TEDx Event Should have Speaker Training

July 11, 2013

Tweet When the organizer of TEDxHoboken, Elizabeth Barry, told me she was requiring every speaker to participate in ‘speaker training’, I couldn’t figure out whether to grin or to grimace. On the ‘grin’ side of things, I was pretty impressed that our organizer had plans in place to make sure that the whole conference was […]

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The “New” Crisis of Meaning?

October 4, 2011

Tweet What’s up with the word “new” in the phrase “meaning is the new motivator”? From all corners of the interwebz conversation about ‘business’, I see mention of this idea that meaning at work is something new, something that we have just begun to desire. Seriously. It seems to come as a surprise, or as […]

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My Nose, Other People’s Business

September 1, 2011

Tweet [(As I prepare for teaching the first class of the Business Technology Consulting Practicum, I’ve been reflecting on how to encourage the students to identify the unique gifts that they have and to consider how they’ll bring these gifts to the teams and the projects they choose this year.  It’s only fair, I think, for me to pony […]

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6 Terrific Business Books That Deserve Your Attention

June 30, 2011

Tweet It’s too easy to overlook great business books. Even with sites like 800-CEO-Read, authors’ own promotional activities, and reviews by thoughtful & prominent business bloggers, many terrific books languish on Amazon’s shelves. Of course, I may be a little — shall we say undisciplined — in the ways that I come by my books. […]

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Recognizing Women On The Far Side of Complexity

April 6, 2011

Tweet I’m getting a bit weary of talking about “women” and having some people assume that I’m only talking about “women”.  These aren’t the same. Recognize that when I use the term “women”, I am consciously talking about “women” on the far side of complexity. The Far Side of Complexity The “far side of complexity” […]

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If Women Had Designed Facebook

September 30, 2010

Tweet If women had designed Facebook, maybe it wouldn’t feel … So cold. So rectangular. So static. So emotion-less. So linear. So blue. So hierarchical. So rigid. So ego-centric. So boring. If women had designed Facebook, maybe it would be: Warmer. More welcoming. Flexible. Expressive. Inclusive. Emotional. Aesthetically inviting. Personalizable. Collaborative. Dynamic. Intimate. Engaging. Flow-y. […]

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An MBA’s loss on 9/11: A Tale of Two Responses

September 10, 2010

Tweet (This story was originally posted in September of 2009, and is slightly revised here.) You will read many stories today recounting the heroism and the losses experienced nine years ago. We know now how many individuals and organizations rose up to help victims of the WTC & Pentagon attacks, and how individually and collectively […]

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Sexism in FairyLand: Disney’s Pixie Hollow Won’t Let Girls Wear Pants

June 11, 2010

Tweet Mom, Disney is a sexist company, isn’t it. Out of the mouths of babes, and 9 year olds, come important truths. But I like to wait it out, rather than presume, so I reply with: Why do you say that, honey? On Pixie Hollow I want to buy pants for my fairies. I have […]

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The Horrible Work-Life Truth I Learned at the Harvard Business School Reunion

June 7, 2010

Tweet That’s one headline for it. Another one might be: “How to make a table of women with graduate degrees cry.” I could spend a bit of time trying to set the scene to give you some perspective, but let me cut straight to the chase. Sitting at a table, talking with my female friends– […]

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Registering Dis-engagement: How would you respond?

May 13, 2010

Tweet Here’s a little story, compelling in its simplicity, about an organizational situation that raises issues of loyalty, commitment, and engagement. When I heard about the initial situation, I had an immediate reaction. My analysis was quickly followed by a few recommendations for the employee involved.  [ Of course, as an ENTJ, I am quick […]

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