3 Dangerous Assumptions in Corporate Work-Life Policy

October 12, 2010

Tweet Isn’t Corporate Work-Life policy great? Here we have a progressive set of programs and strategies that: Acknowledge that every employee is more than a worker, Recognize that she or he is also a ‘whole person’ with a life that extends outside the workplace, and Demonstrate that employees’ full lives should be respected and maybe […]

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Is your organization flourishing or withering?

September 22, 2010

Tweet Organizations are organic things — they are born, they die, they suffer and they thrive. But very few organizations flourish. Organizations that flourish are rare creatures. We find them where business goals are tied to larger purpose, where larger purpose is linked to community needs, and where individuals’ authentic selves are nourished by and […]

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Four Work-Life Challenges That Can Be Especially Difficult For Women of Color

August 19, 2010

Tweet A key premise of taking an explicitly inclusive approach to work-life issues is that people of different gender, social, cultural and racio-ethnic groups experience work-life challenges specific to their group. In my overview of research on work-life issues for women of color (see citation below), I’ve identified four types of work life challenges that […]

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Work-Life Solutions and Important Differences: Let’s get inclusive

August 17, 2010

Tweet Work-life issues are important to everyone, but not everyone has the same kinds of work-life challenges. Even though we know we are not all the same in our work life challenges , it’s been hard to include more than a generalized “everyone” in the conversation. Because work-life advocates often find ourselves struggling with pretty […]

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The Horrible Work-Life Truth I Learned at the Harvard Business School Reunion

June 7, 2010

Tweet That’s one headline for it. Another one might be: “How to make a table of women with graduate degrees cry.” I could spend a bit of time trying to set the scene to give you some perspective, but let me cut straight to the chase. Sitting at a table, talking with my female friends– […]

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3 Types of Employee Engagement Advocates: Which type are you?

May 17, 2010

Tweet Is there ever a time when our reactions don’t reflect our own perspectives on an issue? The whole wisdom behind the dictum: “Seek First to Understand” turns on our awareness of the near-impossibility of uncoupling our initial reactions from our personal standpoint. Our experience with an issue, as well as our general world views, […]

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Social Media, False Urgency & Anywhen: Chris Brogan shows how to improve your Work-Life Fit

March 15, 2010

Tweet Blogger & Trust Agent extraordinaire, Chris Brogan, recently shared a mini rant that contained an important demonstration of work-life initiative. His suggestion — that we learn to recognize and respect what really is or isn’t ‘urgent’ — is a key element of constructing a healthy relationship between work and the rest of your life. […]

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Work-Life Initiatives Are the Foundation of Authentic Organizations

January 29, 2010

Tweet Earlier this week I met with a group of organizational change advocates, each of whom is dedicated to reshaping the relationship between work and life. Work-Life issues per se aren’t really my gig, although I’ve had a fair amount of work-life conflict in my day as an employee and as a manager. However, I […]

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