Diversity & Feminism

The Simple Hack Every Tech Firm Should Be Using To Increase Diversity

April 11, 2014

Tweet Given the focus on data, metrics, and a/b testing that’s all the rage in tech startups these days, you’d think that more tech companies would be using empirical research on hiring practices and diversity initiatives to fix their ‘women, and men of color problem’. But they aren’t, so here’s an easy diversity hack — […]

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Hacking the Code of Misogynist Media: #HackItBack

March 9, 2014

Tweet I love it when worlds elide, and you find yourself in a space that contains your hopes and dreams. I had a little bit of that yesterday, when I got to participate in the #HackItBack event – the brainchild of artist/advocate Patricia Zablah– at the LowerEastSide Girls Club. #HackItBack Patricia and her team created #HackItBack, a workshop […]

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“Add Women and Stir” Won’t Keep Women In Tech

May 16, 2012

Tweet How do we get and keep more women in technology-related careers? How do we increase the number of women creators, makers, designers, and coders? Why not just add more women to the mix, and go from there?  When all we do is “add women and stir”, without simultaneously and deliberately changing that system, we aren’t going to […]

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Business From a Feminist Perspective

May 4, 2012

Tweet Here’s a representative (though not exhaustive) list of posts here on Authentic Organizations that address business from a feminist perspective.  ** The (Feminist) Business Bloggers’ Lament ** A Quiet Thank You to our Transgender Colleagues Recognizing Women On The Far Side of Complexity (re: women are more than white)  Technology-Related Why Women DON’T Rule the Internet […]

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What Women Want from Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg

February 7, 2012

Tweet Facebook has a gender problem. We want Sheryl Sandberg to fix it. Facebook has had a gender problem since its beginning. Now, with the publicity around Facebook’s upcoming IPO, business analysts, portfolio managers, potential investors, and feminist businesspeople are calling attention to the most glaring symptom of Facebook’s gender problem: Facebook has only white […]

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Why Do Meritocracies Hurt Women?

November 7, 2011

Tweet When it comes to discriminating against women, you’d think that only sexist organizations would be involved.   But did you ever imagine that meritocracies would encourage managers to discriminate against women? Research conducted by Emilio Castilla and Stephen Benard, published last year in Administrative Science Quarterly, documents a disturbing dynamic that the authors call “The […]

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Take Our Daughters to Tech Events

October 11, 2011

Tweet What is the best, purest way to get more girls interested in tech (and more women employed in tech)? Get them deeply interested in what tech can do and what problems tech can help us solve. When girls (and boys) become genuinely interested and genuinely curious, they will pursue careers in tech not because […]

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Does Your Social Media Policy Create a Platform for Racism?

May 17, 2011

Tweet I bet you don’t think it does. I bet you think that your social media policy, and your ‘create a blog for our business using other people’s user-generated content’- approach, is impervious to racism masked as business advice, as research findings, or as interesting content. I bet that’s exactly what PsychologyToday.com thought, too. They’ve […]

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Why should I wait until 2057 for a ‘man-sized’ paycheck? Would you?

April 12, 2011

Tweet [I wrote this post for the 2009 Equal Pay Day... and I'm reposting it in 2011 because not much has changed. A few links have been updated. Be sure to check the links to some great research, too.] It’s possible that I won’t be around in 2057. If I am around, I probably won’t […]

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Recognizing Women On The Far Side of Complexity

April 6, 2011

Tweet I’m getting a bit weary of talking about “women” and having some people assume that I’m only talking about “women”. Recognize that when I use the term “women”, I am consciously talking about “women” on the far side of complexity. The Far Side of Complexity The “far side of complexity” is one of my […]

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