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3 Types of Employee Engagement Advocates: Which type are you?

May 17, 2010

Tweet Is there ever a time when our reactions don’t reflect our own perspectives on an issue? The whole wisdom behind the dictum: “Seek First to Understand” turns on our awareness of the near-impossibility of uncoupling our initial reactions from our personal standpoint. Our experience with an issue, as well as our general world views, […]

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Social Media, False Urgency & Anywhen: Chris Brogan shows how to improve your Work-Life Fit

March 15, 2010

Tweet Blogger & Trust Agent extraordinaire, Chris Brogan, recently shared a mini rant that contained an important demonstration of work-life initiative. His suggestion — that we learn to recognize and respect what really is or isn’t ‘urgent’ — is a key element of constructing a healthy relationship between work and the rest of your life. […]

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What Keeps Women From Moving Up the Ladder? Not “experience”, but corporate laziness

February 24, 2010

Tweet This just in from Forbes Magazine — yet another article about why “women” don’t get promoted. (hat tip to my friend @ShaunRSmith) Orit Gadiesh and Julie Coffman, in Why Women Don’t Make It Up The Ladder summarize several of the arguments that are advanced to explain why so few women, relative to men, get […]

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How Job Crafting Can Get You Closer to Authentic Work

December 8, 2009

Tweet One of my favorite “authenticity tools”,  Job Crafting, has been featured in a Time Magazine article. I’m excited to see some popular discussion of Job Crafting, because it is one of the easiest and most direct ways of making your work fit who you are. Job crafting is the practice of (re-)shaping the job that you are expected to […]

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Is Twitter is Really Changing Comcast’s Culture?: 7 Signs to Look For

October 26, 2009

Tweet If you read TechCruch or pay attention to social media gurus, you might think that Comcast was really making progress towards becoming more customer-oriented. We hear a lot about Frank Eliason and his leadership in getting Comcast onto social media to respond to customer complaints that, increasingly, are being voiced online. With @ComcastCares on […]

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Focusing on the Authentic in the Individual

October 2, 2009

Tweet Jamie and Maren Showkeir, authors of the book Authentic Conversations, also write a blog about the same concept. Their work is inspiring, and I often find myself referring to their book when I talk with organization members about how they can bring more authenticity into their organizations through their relationships with each other. Just […]

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5 Blogs Every MBA Student Should Be Reading

September 8, 2009

Tweet Every MBA student is pressed for time. Balancing demanding priorities, like classes, learning teams, job hunting, and family, while also getting some sleep, leaves little time for cruising the web looking for insightful posts. Lucky for you all, I can recommend 5 terrific blogs that can help you link what you’re learning in your […]

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The Two-Faced CEO: Citizen or Whole Foods Shareholder?

August 24, 2009

Tweet In today’s transparent and political economy, the two-faced CEO can’t catch a break. When he acts as a Citizen, he might damage his organization’s reputation. When he acts as a Shareholder, he  might limit his own participation in our political conversation.  Neither option is good.  What’s a CEO to do? The broohaa over the […]

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Authenticity: Is there an app for that?

July 20, 2009

Tweet A few weeks ago, I finally gave up  my shiny-pink Motorola phone personalized with Hello Kitty stickers, and moved to the lbd of digital tools. Yes, I bought an iPhone. My iPhone purchase completed a long, slow and ultimately satisfying move from anything PC & Microsoft to all things Apple & Google, a move […]

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Authentic Playlist at Misogyny Free Prom

May 15, 2009

Tweet A shout out to my girlfriends at Bust magazine, home of the GirlWideWeb and all things hip & 3rd wave feminist . They share the news today of an advocacy movement by The Women’s Health and Issues Club of the high school in Arcadia CA, which has resulted in a prom music playlist that […]

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