Generosity At Work

How Generosity At Work Saved a Local Business

April 26, 2016

Tweet  ~ crossposted from ~ A story from my own hometown… When I was getting my start-of-the-semester haircut in February, I was surprised to see Hannah, the woman who cuts my teenagers’ hair, working in the hair salon I go to. Hannah normally works at Parlor, which has a hipster clientele. Yet here she […]

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Come With Me To a New Place on the Interwebz!

March 24, 2016

Tweet Thank you SO much for being a longtime reader of AuthenticOrganizations! It’s meant a lot to me to know that there have been people on the other end of these ideas. Not just the visitors who click on over from Twitter, LinkedIn, or a guest post … but also the nearly 500 of you […]

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3 Ways Etsy’s Parental Leave Policy Demonstrates Generosity At Work

March 23, 2016

Tweet For so many reasons, Etsy has been one of my leading examples of companies practicing Generosity At Work.  I rely on Etsy’s Code As Craft initiative to illustrate the strategy of Opening Your Learning, but that’s only one way that Etsy demonstrates an expanded culture of generosity. Etsy uses each of the five higher-level […]

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Defining Your Business’s Success Using Net Positive Value

February 4, 2016

Tweet Here’s an excerpt from the introduction to Generosity At Work that defines a concept that’s critical for assessing the impact of your business. Let me know what you think! Defining Net Positive Value Self-centered business care whether their own bottom line is growing.  Generous businesses care about their own growth at the same time […]

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Generous Products: How Products Do What They Do, as a form of Generosity

January 7, 2016

Tweet I’m “working out loud in public” with a rangy, rambling first draft. What I’m working to understand, with this draft, is how to explain ‘generous products’, and how to link ideas about generous products to current conversations about product design. This is a small piece of the puzzle, focused on how products themselves might be […]

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Campfire Generosity

December 21, 2015

Tweet A little story I’m using to illustrate Generosity At Work — Three cowhands are setting up camp on a chilly night. While one builds the campfire and the second gets water for the horses, the third takes command of the saddles. He drags each one to the far side of the fire pit, lines them up […]

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What Generosity At Work Looks Like: Subway Version

November 20, 2015

Tweet @Brian_Ashcraft of Kotaku  shared this gif of two commuters who, somewhat accidentally, illustrate how one business can be generous with another while becoming stronger itself.   The tall fellow ends up with a hand on each strap, making his own stance more sturdy. The shorter guy gets something to hold that he can actually […]

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