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Reflective Executives, Where are you hiding?

July 9, 2009

Tweet One of my blogging e-mentors asked “If you had one question about blogging that you could have answered with a magic wand, what would that question be?” I’m a big fan of magic wand questions— I use them all the time with my kids, and so I took the bait. My one question? Where […]

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Sarah Palin Reads!?

July 3, 2009

Tweet An amazing discovery! Someone from Wasilla (Alaska) reads! And not just “lands on the page”. Oh, no. We’re talkin’ 3 pageviews and 1.27 minutes online— in one visit alone! Oh, the modern miracle that is Google Analytics. I was showing an academic-colleague-who-wants-to-learn-to-blog how to use Google Analytics to gather some nifty data on […]

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Resources for Authenticity: Being vs. Understanding

June 30, 2009

Tweet What resources can organizations draw on to create and sustain an authentic sense of “who they are”? My class with the Darden EMBA students on Saturday danced around the questions of “How do organizations ‘source’ their identity? and “How do organizations sustain their authenticity?” Even though we had a chance to discuss many other […]

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Socialism, Capitalism, 5 Points of Ignorance, and Progressive Organizational Movements

April 14, 2009

Tweet I just got done commenting on the blog of my colleague and blogging buddy Michael Roberto, a strategy professor at Bryant University. Michael blogged today about his concern that Americans (and by extension, students in the Business Schools where many of us teach) have lost faith in Capitalism. Michael’s answer to this problem, in […]

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