“Social” Media Make “Voice” and Contribution Possible

February 22, 2012

Tweet What does it mean for organizations to become more “social”? Becoming “social” means that more people across the organization can contribute their ideas and have influence. Why? Because social technologies make it possible for more people to have Voice. What is Voice? Voice is having a say with the expectation that you will also […]

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Social Organizations from the Inside Out: Start with Your Intranet

July 27, 2011

Tweet What’s the best strategy for making your organization more social? Where do you start to transform your systems, so that you can transform your organization? Many social media experts suggest that you work from the outside-in. They encourage organizations to start with one function and one stakeholder group, and ‘get social’ by linking CRM […]

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7 Ways That Social Business Advice is Wrong for Your Organization

June 9, 2011

Tweet “Social Business” is coming to your organization, whether you’re ready or not. Social business tools, also known as enterprise social media or systems of engagement, are increasingly being advocated by vendors and consultants as tools that help any organization do its work better. But, while the influx of social tools could really benefit your […]

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A Surprising Reason Why Website Logins Matter

June 6, 2011

Tweet Why do we really need to log in to websites we use all the time? Why do those logins really matter, to us personally? Logins matter for three reasons– two that are predictable, and one that’s rather surprising. 1. Website logins improve the targeting of the site itself, in ways that benefit the organization. […]

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3 Ways That Employer Branding Can Benefit Current Employees

May 17, 2011

Tweet It’s easy to see how Employer Branding is useful to HR departments and potential job applicants. Employer Branding, the practice of marketing images of your organization as a desirable place to work towards potential job applicants, is a sensible strategy for attracting the right people onto your bus (-iness). Employer Branding works to draw […]

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Use Extreme Leverage 2.0 to Change The Social World

March 11, 2011

Tweet Traditionally, extreme leverage is something organizations worked hard to avoid.   Now, in the social media landscape,  “Extreme Leverage 2.0” is something that evey organization should embrace. Why? Because Extreme Leverage 2.0 allows a few people, in relatively small businesses, to change the world for their stakeholders. Understanding Extreme Leverage 2.0 In the world of corporate […]

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How Social Media Reveals Invisible Work

January 27, 2011

Tweet Social Media helps us get work done. And, Social Media has a unique ability to show us something about how we get work done that we often overlook. It allows us to see both conventional work and “invisible work”. What is invisible work? Invisible work includes all kinds of energy and tasks that contribute […]

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How Social Media Create Organizational Meaning

January 18, 2011

Tweet Social media tools can transform an organization. One of the things I enjoy so much about social media is the chance to be (more often) the person I am, with my specific sets of talents, interests, and goals. Every time I extend myself out on social media, I get to choose what I’ll say, […]

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The Stress of Not Having It All, guest post by Fran Melmed

December 2, 2010

Tweet [One of the special joys of blogging and tweeting about progressive movements in organizations and leadership is the relationships we make as we find kindred souls. These kindred souls are often tucked into niches other than our own, but because their approaches share the our fundamental values and because they are working with a […]

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