Hillary March 7, 2012 at 11:32 am

“Social organizations will thrive as members are freed to become more human, and as stakeholder communities are pressed to become more just.”

I love the push/pull effect of this concept. It can feel very messy when you sit in the middle of it, but when you step outside and view it from a larger perspective it’s a radical change in a hopeful direction for all stakeholders.

As an individual who works in the space I constantly feel that push/pull. I am the individual on Twitter feeling empowered to share my voice and participate in driving change as a consumer and citizen, but I am also aware of how organizations are affected by these changes and I have great compassion for the growing pains they (the humans who work inside the org) are experiencing as a result.

A similar culture change is taking place everywhere — in both the private and public sector. I think picking your head up, taking notice of the larger culture shift and drawing inspiration and direction from examples both within and outside of our industries can bring comfort to those who are most affected by these changes.

cv harquail March 7, 2012 at 11:57 am


I’m so glad that the idea of multiple levels and the push/pull are resonating with you…. I’m not sure just how many people in the SocBiz world are seeing beyond the organization (since they largely have just discovered the non-marketing parts of the social organization). But as a community manager yourself, I bet you hear this from community participants– they want change but the org won’t budge, or customers need change and systems won’t flex, etc.

What a neat idea, too, that looking at the big picture would provide comfort (and inspiration) for the folks who are feeling the growing pains.

What I’m imagining *is* a radical change– and the change is not just about the desired end state for individuals/organizations/economies. It’s really about a change in the quality and dimensionality of our own vision as we push, pull and lead so that we can go beyond improving and ultimately thrive.

thanks so much for your insights. cvh

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