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by cv harquail on April 14, 2011

For students at my class on “Social Organizations, Systems of Engagement and the IT Leadership Challenge”, here are the resources for the charts and some key ideas. I also added links to some interesting posts that can flesh out some of the ideas we discussed in class. As always, you can email me with additional questions or ideas.

The rise of the networked enterprise: Web 2.0 finds its payday McKinsey Quarterly.

“Among respondents at companies using Web 2.0, a large majority continue to report that they are receiving measurable business benefits—with nearly nine out of ten reporting at least one. These benefits ranged from more effective marketing to faster access to knowledge (Exhibit 1).”

mckinsey networked graph.jpg

Making the business case for internal/external networking, this report is the source of the chart showing that “Different types of networked organizations achieve different benefits.”

AIIM – Systems of Engagement and the Future of IT

Here’s the main source of ideas about the contrasts between Systems of Engagement and Systems of Record, from an IT/Content Management perspective. You can download the entire presentation at the link.

record vs engagement aiim report.jpg

The Adaptive Social Business Strategy (Framework)

A framework for considering how to adapt your organization to social media & systems of engagement that includes more than technology. Great for making sure you touch base with key concerns.

How Social Media Affects the Organization Itself: Post Roundup
here at AuthenticOrganizations.

BroadVision Blog » Systems of Engagement

Richard Hughes explains some structural differences between Systems of Record and Systems of Engagement, and suggestion how current enterprise systems might integrate with social ones.

The New Conversation: Taking Social Media from talk to action. HBR & SAS. April 2011.

“Two-thirds of organizations surveyed have initiated social media programs, but very few have figured out how to extract information and turn it into insights that benefit the bottom line. Here’s some great data about rates of adoption and issues to address.’

Connect To The New Social Nervous System Or Become Roadkill by Jeff Hurt

How can you get managers in your organization (espeically IT managemers) to start thinkign about Systems of Engagement as opporuitnmities for improving performance?

Emptoris Empower – (1) Crossing the Chasm (2) BRIC (3) Geoffrey Moore by Andrew Bartolini

A trio of interesting challenges to the idea of systems of engagement.

Program Plan: Developing a Social Media Learning Program at Your Company « Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang

Well-regarded social business strategist Jeremiah Owyang shares Altimier’s plan for making sure that people throughout the organization can use social business systems effectively.

“Corporations must invest in at least five types of Social Media training for the corporation, they include: training for executives, for the core team “Center of Excellence”, for business units, for rank and file employees and often for partners.”

Is “System of Engagment” to ECM as “Adaptive Case Management” is to BPM | ActionBase Blog – by Jacob Ukelson

“Even though they use a different terminology , it seems like they are after the same goal as adaptive (or dynamic) case management   – tools to make knowledge workers more effective. I think it is interesting that both the BPM and ECM markets are seeing an opportunity in the same space – knowledge worker productivity, but coming at it from different ends of the spectrum. “

Social media for senior managers by Harold Jarche

“How do you start the discussion about social media with senior managers who think of technology as just more IT products and platforms?”

Five Challenges Social Media Will Bring to Business by David Armano at Harvard Business Review Blog

Knowing that the 5 challenges are 1. integration, 2. governance, 3. culture, 4. human resources and 5. Measurement & ROI is a start.
Take it a step further by reading Armano’s explantations about why.

MIT Media Lab: Reality Mining

If you are concerned about the data-enabled panopticon, this site about data from wearing digital badges touches on a lot of concerns we’ll have in the future about what we can and should monitor in organizations.

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