Because Women Have “Ideas Worth Spreading” : TED2011 Action Steps

by cv harquail on February 27, 2011

The 2011 TED conference begins Tuesday in Long Beach CA. Of the 55 folks who will present “Ideas worth Spreading”, 15 of these speakers will be women.

That’s a whopping 27%… no improvement over previous years, and nowhere near gender parity.


To celebrate the 15 Women who will take the TED stage, and to encourage TED to #ChangeTheRatio so that a full half of TED presenters are women, I’m spending this week with the team at SheShouldTalkAtTED, advocating for #morevoices and gender parity on the TED stage.

Join us on Facebook, Twitter, the blogosphere, and in conversation, and in action.

What you can do:

  • Invite the Curators of TED to a conversation with diversity & inclusion experts, who can help TED find authentic ways to grow more inclusive, more influential, and more powerful in the world of ideas.
  • Sign the invitation to Curators of TED, over at goPetition: Gender Parity at TED:
Gender Parity — at TED and Beyond— is an idea worth spreading.
While I’m off this week practicing and learning how to use social media for social change, here are some great posts (from AuthenticOrganizations and beyond) which will fill you in on the history of exclusion at TED, the efforts to address sexism at TED, and the actions underway to advocate for #MoreVoices and gender parity at TED.

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