Sarah Palin Reads!?

by cv harquail on July 3, 2009


An amazing discovery! Someone from Wasilla (Alaska) reads! And not just “lands on the page”. Oh, no. We’re talkin’ 3 pageviews and 1.27 minutes online— in one visit alone!

Oh, the modern miracle that is Google Analytics.

I was showing an academic-colleague-who-wants-to-learn-to-blog how to use Google Analytics to gather some nifty data on who visits a blog and what they do once they get there. Showing off the (amazing to me) array of countries and then cities where readers of reside (or rather, where they log in from), I was surprised to discover, nestled in there between Makiti and Ingolstadt, the city of Wasilla.

I won’t tell you which pages s/he visited, (privacy issues and all) but I do want to send her a shout out and a big New Jersey welcome!

So back to the academic-colleague-who-wants-to-learn-to-blog, I think he was impressed. After all, while many management scholars can say their work is published in important academic journals, how many can say that the woman-who-might-have-/-might-still-be-POTUS has read their work?!

Wondering were I’m going with this?

You, too, management scholar, can become a blogger and reach thoughtful readers in 187 cities around the globe. You too can find other scholars, practicing managers, E/MBA students, consultants, social media advisors, non-profit innovators, and anyone else interested in topics dear to your mind&heart, all by blogging.

“But isn’t it hard to blog? Won’t it distract me from science?” you ask. Fear not! Check this out:

Are you an Academy of Management Member and Management Scholar who is curious about the role that blogs can play in your professional world?
Have you wondered how to find relevant blogs, create an efficient blog-reading practice, comment effectively on other people’s blogs, write for a group blog, or maybe even start your own blog?

Join us at the Academy of Management for a workshop on Blogging for Management Scholars: Why & How to Read Blogs, Write for Blogs, and Create your Own Blog, being held Friday, Aug 7 2009.

This workshop follows an innovative modular format, with three phased sessions that will teach members how to use blogs at three levels of increasing engagement, from reading to writing to publishing ones own blog. And, the workshop includes a group blogging opportunity that will run during and after the Academy meetings.

* Phase 1 (8 am – noon) introduces the medium and the active community of management scholar blogs for those who want to read and comment on blogs effectively.

* Phase 2 (1 pm to 3 pm) teaches participants how to find their niche, to adjust their writing paradigm, and to contribute to existing blogs as writers.

* Phase 3 ( 3 pm – 6 pm) will have a smaller, limited enrollment. Phase 3 will teach the basics of creating your own blog.

The workshop combines informational presentations, a panel discussion by eight management scholar-bloggers, roundtable conversations, and hands-on exercises, as well as the open invitation to blog at

Pre-work (available online at will establish a basic level of understanding, and a post-session group-blogging experiment open to the Academy will let participants apply what they learn. Participants will clarify their blog-related scholarly opportunities, their blog community, their topical niche and their authorial voice. Participants will leave this workshop (1) aware of the opportunities that blogs offer management scholars, (2) able to identify, understand and use the major features of a blog, (3) understanding the array of blogs being published by management scholar colleagues, and (4) able to participate at their desired level of engagement.

Pre-registration is requested, at Colleagues interested in participating in the limited-enrollment Phase 3 of the Workshop should contact CV Harquail directly, at 200907031251.jpg (That would be me.) The deadline to register online is July 10, 2009.

You too can influence readers and practitioners far and wide, outside your classroom, your university and your favorite journals! Come to the workshop and learn how!

Note: Although I can’t promise that Governor Palin will be there (But Sarah, you know you’re invited!! [And now you’ll have the free time ! 7.4.09]) the workshop will be facilitated by several of the cutting-edge management scholars whose blogs you might also read.

And, the workshop will be attended by management scholars with a yen for innovation and a vision of the future

— like you?

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Chester B. July 6, 2009 at 10:00 am

It’s exciting that management professors will be starting to blog. It’ s been quite a missed opportunity, especially given how advanced the blogging practice is in other academic domains like industrial/organizational psychology, sociology, economics, and the law. It looks interesting and I hope to attend.

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