Designing for Authenticity: More on the NY Jets

by cv harquail on December 8, 2008

200812081304.jpg Inspiring quotations on the walls. A weight room as large as your first house. Business offices that overlook the playing field. A players’ entrance that minimizes distractions, and a public entrance that simulates the drama of entering a stadium. Germ-free showers and a locker room with fresh air piped in.

All authentic features of the New York Jets training facility

The December/January 2009 Issue of Fast Company has a lovely online slide-show of the NY Jets facility that follows up on the ideas in my post from September, on the “3 Things The New York Jets Can Teach You About Authenticity”

The Jets demonstrate in their new facility ways that your organization can use its physical environment — the space where you put your collective selves–  to help it be more authentic.


Check out these photos for 11 illustrations of these authenticity practices. You can really see why New York Jets EVP Sheehy would say:

“Our building is the graduate school of football.”

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