“Loving” my Authentic CSA? Good to know I’m not crazy….or alone!

by cv harquail on June 9, 2008

Every now and then, when I think about what thinking about Authenticity does to me, I start to wonder if I’m crazy. Does anyone else get excited by “Girlcotts”, corporate shills, rice pudding, or bad branding plays?

Well, here’s some perspective on my recent post, re: Loving my CSA:

Data point: When I googled the phrase “love your CSA” , I got 5 hits. At least 5 other people are thinking about why you might “love your CSA”!

Conclusion: I’m not alone!

Data point: Even better, when I googled “love my CSA” I got 386 hits. There are 380+ items, representing who knows how many people, that also lapse rhapsodic about their CSAs.

Conclusion: I’m not a freak! <sigh of relief>

However, only one person admits to the frequent side effect of being part of a CSA: the so called “farmer crush”.

Doesn’t everyone fall in love with their farmer? And, if not, why not? Have you no heart/taste buds?

Tammy’s the only one being honest, but judging from the number of comments on her posts and links from Technorati, she’s on to something….. which is why, to help others, she set up her

“newly launched Farmer-Crush Eradication Program, a multi-but-less-than-twelve-step process to help you cope with the inevitable heartache brought to you by that special farmer (my note: your CSA supplier) in your life. …

Oh, of course, there are authenticity ideas in here. To wit:

  1. We love to be around people who are authentic.
  2. We love to be around people who help us be authentic.

Insights like these are what make my time in the PhD program worthwhile. ….

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