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How I Use Twitter: Possibly More Than You Ever Wanted To Know

August 2, 2014

Tweet Everyone I know who uses Twitter uses it differently. Some promote, some broadcast, some market, some inquire, some share, and most use Twitter for a mix of these. Technology and the way we use it interactively shapes our experiences– We each experience “twitter” in our own way, and what “Twitter is” means something unique to […]

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She Should Talk At TED Twitter Campaign: F.A.Q.

March 6, 2011

Tweet The @SheTalksTED Twitter account has been busy this week, nominating over 350 influential women (and counting!) as possible speakers for future TED conferences. In addition to lots of suggestions, and support, we’ve also gotten some questions about the @SheTalksTED campaign. We hope that our answers, below, fill in the blanks. Please tweet us or […]

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Supermodels on Twitter: Five Ways to Rock the Twitter Runway

April 1, 2010

Tweet I’m not sure whether Naomi, Linda, Tatiana, Christy, or Cindy are really on Twitter, but if they are, their strategy probably involves one of five “supermodels” of Twitter participation. [Yes, that’s what we call a bait ‘n switch, but since you’re more interested in Twitter than in Supermodels, you don’t really mind, right?] If […]

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Authentic Twitter: Are exclamation points unprofessional?

January 20, 2010

Tweet Exclamation Points: An Authenticity Issue Last week, I got a bit of crap from I was chided by one of my colleagues for sending a 4-line email with three (three!!) exclamation points. This colleague also pointed out that I occasionally sprinkle my tweets with exclamation points. This is a problem. These exclamation points, s/he […]

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Twitter Lists: Coolness or Ease of Categorization?

October 30, 2009

Tweet Rethink the conventional ‘meaning’ of Twitter Lists. Now that Twitter lists have been rolled out more broadly, it’s possible for many/most of us using Twitter to create lists of those whom we follow (great– easier than Tweetdeck!). It is now also possible for us to see which Twitter lists how many Twitter lists we’ve […]

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Is Twitter is Really Changing Comcast’s Culture?: 7 Signs to Look For

October 26, 2009

Tweet If you read TechCruch or pay attention to social media gurus, you might think that Comcast was really making progress towards becoming more customer-oriented. We hear a lot about Frank Eliason and his leadership in getting Comcast onto social media to respond to customer complaints that, increasingly, are being voiced online. With @ComcastCares on […]

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Come With Me To a New Place on the Interwebz!

March 24, 2016

Tweet Thank you SO much for being a longtime reader of AuthenticOrganizations! It’s meant a lot to me to know that there have been people on the other end of these ideas. Not just the visitors who click on over from Twitter, LinkedIn, or a guest post … but also the nearly 500 of you […]

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From Generativity to Generosity: What’s at the core of these new business practices?

October 2, 2014

Tweet I’m experimenting with shifting from generativity to generosity to describe what’s unique about the business processes I’ve been studying, trying to distill these ideas into a form that’s simple and easy to convey. Can the term generosity carry these ideas well? At the very core of generativity is the concept of generosity. It’s not for […]

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Acknowledge, Affirm, and Amplify Good Business Practices: A Simple Generative Tip

May 22, 2014

Tweet What’s the absolutely easiest way to contribute ideas to a community while boosting someone else’s business at the same time? Use your platform to Acknowledge, Affirm, and Amplify the work of companies and individuals that you value. You’d be surprised to realize just how often you’ll find yourself in a position to use your […]

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